Emmanuelle Jardin, Eat 17 Store Manager: “We can see a big difference. No big shoplifters any more. They think, we can’t go there any more because it’s not worth it, because they’ll get caught every time”

THANK YOU EMMANUELLE. Unprompted, unscripted and from the heart. You’d have thought we’d paid her, the fact is we’ve never met!

RETAILERS – If you have any doubt about how effective (and lawful) Facewatch is, just take 8 minutes and listen to what Emmanuelle has to say.

Shoplifting is a big issue, thousands of pounds worth of stock going missing off the shelves week after week. BBC Frontline Fightback investigates how facial recognition is being used in the fight against retail theft, stopping criminals from getting away with it.

Eat 17 a family run Spar convenience store in Hackney, London highlights how Facewatch is helping them to identify potential threats, stopping thefts before they happen and creating a safer environment for customers and staff.

“It always seemed that they were a step ahead of us. So now with Facewatch in the store, I feel I’ve got the cards in my hand to fight them.”

Facewatch is currently installing systems daily across the UK and stores interested in the system should contact our team immediately to secure their installation date.

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