An exciting testimonial from our newest partner! In just one week after installing Facewatch, they are already witnessing significant results. Read on to discover their experience first-hand:


“Our experience with Facewatch in our Weymouth town centre store has been remarkable. Within just one week of implementing the system, we witnessed a significant decrease in crime and a notable deterrence of repeat offenders.

Previously, our team would only identify offenders after they had already entered the store, selected items, and caused conflicts when confronted. Recovering stolen goods and asking them to leave often resulted in challenging situations. However, with Facewatch, individuals on the Facewatch database are now denied entry at the store’s entrance, simplifying the entire process and making it more manageable. Very quickly, these potential offenders have learned not to target our store at all.

Moreover, we have started reviewing CCTV footage from the previous day to identify any thefts that went unnoticed initially. By promptly reporting these offenders and adding them to the Facewatch database, we ensure that such incidents never go unnoticed again. This proactive approach has not only protected our business and team but will also save us a substantial amount of money in the long run.

We firmly believe that while we may not be able to eliminate the problem entirely, we can certainly displace it to safeguard our business and employees. The Facewatch system’s simplicity and user-friendliness have been instrumental in its success. The training provided was exceptional, and the intuitive nature of the system made it even easier for us to adapt.”


Stephen Bassett & Dave Hiscutt from Londis Weymouth


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