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Face to Face Interviews with Fraser Sampson 6 of 7 – How to adopt the Surveillance Code of Practice

Play video here: Fraser explains how to access the code and suggests that a principles based approach along with greater levels of adoption to it, could help avoid some of the alarmist and irresponsible reporting that has undermined the very good and increasingly invaluable contribution facial recognition (tech) is making.

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Face to Face Interviews with Fraser Sampson 3 of 7 – Building Trust in Facial Recognition

Play video here: Fraser and Nick agree that businesses bringing facial recognition to market need to demonstrate that they take peoples concerns very seriously regarding how their data might be used. Behaving responsibly, transparently and through inviting questions is an imperative if such concerns are to be assuaged and trust established.

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Face to Face Interviews with Fraser Sampson 1 of 7 – Being Accountable

Play video here: In the first of seven interviews with Fraser Sampson the UK’s Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner hosted by Nick Fisher CEO of Facewatch, Fraser explains his statutory roles as Commissioner and suggests holding users accountable for deciding when to use facial recognition and new technology as opposed to demonising or banning it, […]