As used by leading UK retailers

As used by leading UK retailers

I would highly recommend Facewatch to any retailer experiencing any type of theft or anti-social behaviour.

Siobhan KosHead of Retail, Luton Town Football Club

We run our service station in a very challenging area and Facewatch has proved itself a vital tool in helping my staff to identify numerous criminal elements. We highly recommend this system in combating crime.

Simon LawrenceManaging Director, Lawrences Garages (London) Ltd

Since installing Facewatch, the overall level of theft and disruption in the store has decreased significantly and my staff now feel safer.

PaulOwner, Budgens Stores

Facewatch works great and the signage is clear for all to see. There’s no evidence that it has put genuine customers off shopping with us.

DanielOwner, Griffiths & Sons

Don’t let crime happen in the first place. This is why we invested in Facewatch to protect our people and assets. The results have been brilliant, the roll out continues…

BenHead Of Loss Prevention, Fraser Group

Facewatch is the best technology for deterring and preventing crime that I’ve used in the last 25 years. Colleagues feel safer and morale is better, it’s why we invested in Facewatch.

GarethLoss Prevention and Security Manager, Southern COOP

We installed Facewatch to protect our staff. Facewatch alerts us when a known offender enters the store and deters a situation from happening.

DonnaNational Operations Manager, Harvest Energy

Facewatch has made a huge difference to our business, and we value it hugely. I’d highly recommend it to any retailer.

BenOwner, Lawrence Garages

Facewatch is the new way to proactively address retail crime. We can now actively prevent offenders from offending in our stores. It’s had a great effect on staff morale too.

AndyHead Of Commercial Operations, QD Store Group

Facewatch has not put any customer off shopping with us. In my opinion you should only worry if you have something to be worried about because Facewatch will detect you.

JamesMD, Ruxley Manor

Facewatch allows us to be proactive not reactive. We’re able to avoid the conflict and abuse known offenders bring into store. We make our presence known and they tend just to leave.

RicardoOperations Director, SGN Group

Facewatch work brilliantly it’s why we’re rolling it out across our whole estate. The best compliment I can pay is that if I told my store managers I was taking it out I’d have a riot on my hands!

LiamOperations Director, Hunts Convenient Store Spar Group

Reduce store theft, creating a safer environment

Facewatch is the UK’s leading facial recognition retail security company. Our proprietary cloud-based facial recognition system safeguards businesses against crime creating a safer environment for customers and colleagues. The system will send an alert the instant a subject of interest enters your premises.

Facewatch is the ONLY shared national facial recognition watchlist. Simple, secure and UK law compliant, we are the premier choice for retail security in the UK. Facewatch is proven to stop crime before it happens. It’s time for retail businesses to take a stand, and proactively tackle the issue of theft head on.


Webinar: Biometric Data and The Law

UK Retail Crime Statistics


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Facewatch creates safer working environments, reduces lost revenue and is more affordable than you think.

Facial recognition security systems you can trust

How it works

Real Time Alerts

Take Control

Facewatch matches faces against known offenders as they enter your premises and sends an alert instantly.


Local Intelligence

A watchlist is shared by geography with every Facewatch subscriber, deterring thieves operating in your area.

The Cloud

Quick & Simple

Our platform makes it easy to capture, report and upload data. Saving you time and money.


Peace of Mind

Bank grade security combined with legally compliant systems and processes, ensure your liabilities are covered.

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Independent Stores

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Airports & Stations

A facial recognition security system you can trust

Facewatch is a robust cloud-based facial recognition security system. It uses secure facial recognition technology to proactively prevent, deter and protect businesses against theft. Facewatch has helped leading retail stores such as Budgens reduce in-store theft, staff violence and abuse.

  • Global IP

    Facewatch is trademarked globally in most major countries.

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design and bank grade security.

  • GDPR

    Fully GDPR compliant.

  • Proven

    Trusted by businesses for over 8 years.

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