The Co-op has recently experienced a concerning surge in shoplifting, reaching its highest level in history. According to The BBC, the police response to reported serious retail crimes has been inadequate, with a staggering 71% of cases remaining unresolved.

As the shoplifting epidemic in the UK continues to escalate, retailers are actively seeking alternative measures to safeguard their employees and combat crime within their stores.

Facewatch’s cutting-edge crime prevention solution has revealed some compelling statistics for stores with and without Facewatch installed across one of our subscribers:

Year on Year (YOY) overall crime has seen a modest 1.4% increase in stores with Facewatch, in contrast to a distressing 44.1% surge in stores lacking the system.

When it comes to YOY violence, stores equipped with Facewatch have witnessed a notable 17% reduction, while those without it experienced a worrisome 16% increase in violent incidents.

The introduction of Facewatch has proven invaluable in granting peace of mind to frontline staff, as it minimises the need for confrontations. Furthermore, this groundbreaking technology which complies with the data protection act has demonstrated its ability to reduce retail crime by an impressive 35% within just one year.

To discover how Facewatch is effectively assisting our subscribers in safeguarding their staff and preventing crime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. You can find more information at or contact us directly on 020 7930 3225.

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Staff safety is a big issue as “criminals have a license to shoplift, which is not a victimless crime.” One of the UK’s largest retailers speaks about the rise in shoplifting and the effect on store staff as “gangs and shoplifters have become much bolder” as a result of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK.

It’s a difficult reality for UK retailers, but we already know that “the police simply don’t have the time or resource to respond to a shoplifting incident”. Read the full article here:

Facewatch is proven to reduce retail crime by up to 35% in 12 months. Contact us today to find out how Facewatch is helping our subscribers to protect their staff and prevent crime

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