A very confident and inspiring interview with Cressida Dick at the Fortune’s Most Powerful Woman International Summit in London in June is well worth watching. It gives an insight into the many challenges facing the Metropolitan police. What comes through strongly, however, is the real need for more understanding of how robust facial recognition system security in policing can make us all significantly safer.

Here are some notable outtakes:

“I actually believe facial recognition technology, properly overseen, properly thought about, properly circumscribed, is something that our public would expect us to be doing,”

Cressida Dick, commissioner for the Met, said at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London.

“If a terrorist was walking down the street in London, most of the public would think that we should be using a technology that would stop that person,” added Dick, the Met’s first female commissioner. “We’re miles from that, by the way.”

Do you using a robust facial recognition system is a good method of increasing security in the UK? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.