The Symposium, a vibrant cocktail bar at the heart of Wilmslow, Cheshire talk about working with Facewatch.


“We’re thrilled to share our experience with this remarkable system, which has quickly become an indispensable asset for our establishment.


Facewatch has truly come into its own within our bar. It has streamlined our operations and provided us with invaluable tools for enhancing security. Our head doorman expressed his delight just yesterday, emphasising how Facewatch has eliminated the need to rely on memory to identify individuals who are barred. Instead, Facewatch effortlessly takes on this crucial task, leaving us with greater peace of mind.


As our venue continues to grow in popularity, especially during nighttime hours, it’s an unfortunate reality that incidents of abuse and assaults can occur.

What truly sets Facewatch apart is its ability to assist us in managing these challenges more effectively than ever before. It empowers our security team to respond swiftly and appropriately, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for our clientele and staff.


In summary, Facewatch has become an invaluable ally in our pursuit of maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at The Symposium. We wholeheartedly endorse this system for its effectiveness in enhancing security while simplifying operations.”


Dane, Managing Director

The Symposium


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“Shoplifting: The Battle On The High Street?”

Facewatch customer Danyal Shoaib and Facewatch Founder Simon Gordon both feature in Thursday night’s ‘ITV Tonight’ programme on shoplifting in the UK. The report highlights the out-of-control and frightening shoplifting epidemic that frontline retail workers have to face on a daily basis. Focusing on the lengths that retailers are having to stretch to in order to protect their businesses and their staff, some of footage in the report is extremely alarming and sadly, all too commonplace in the retail ‘battleground’. 


Many retailers report a significant rise in crime as thieves become more brazen, making the working environments for staff increasingly risky and loss prevention strategies employing alternative solutions such as Facewatch.


Click the link above to watch the full report.


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