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  Violence remains a key issue this year. On average, 115 retail employees were attacked every day. The combined cost of spending on crime prevention and losses from crime to the industry is a staggering £1.9 billion. Over £700 million was lost to customer theft alone, a rise of 31% on the previous year.   […]


Stand up to shoplifting – Convenience Store Magazine reports:

Unable to rely on the police for help, many retailers are adopting new security measures to defend their stores from light-fingered offenders Convenience store magazine Ask retailers how a particular category performs in-store and you’ll get an array of answers, from tobacco to food to go. Quiz them on the best symbol group and the […]


Budgens convenience store endorses the success of Facewatch facial recognition security camera

Facewatch has won the total support of Paul Wilks after a successful trial of Facewatch’s facial recognition security camera system at his store at Jubilee Square significantly reduced shoplifting and abusive behaviour.   Just over five years ago, Paul opened his third convenience store in the newly developed Buckingham Park development in the UK. The […]