Facewatch Platform Overview

Facewatch is a secure online crime reporting and networking environment that enables businesses, public and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within groups for the prevention of crime and by submitting CCTV evidence and witness statements to the police to help solve crimes.

News Feed

Ability to share posts and alerts with your business networks and communities.


Manage staff members. Join Business Community Groups to share intelligence. Define emergency contacts for your premises. Customise Incident Types. Customise Goods and Property Types. Define where the CCTV cameras are in your premises.


Create a Business Community Group to share information with the group and subgroups. Information can be shared by sending alerts, creating posts, uploading secure documents, adding calendar events and making secure internet pages.


Create detailed incident reports, including the ability to add CCTV and still imagery producing an electronic evidence pack to enable the police to make successful prosecutions. Or this information can also be stored for in-house intelligence purposes.

Watch List

View Subjects of Interest that have been involved in incidents at your premises on your Watch List. Share the details of the SOI with other group members or exclude the SOI from your premises. Ability to Match SOIs with other suggested SOIs.


Basic statistics package includes the ability to review when and how frequently incidents have been reported. View Incident Types and Status. View Subject of Interest Status.

A chargeable enhanced statistics package is also available. This includes a breakdown of Incidents reported by premises, product types, product values, incident frequency per month and cumulatively over a selected period. You can also do a Year to year comparison of statistics for up to a five-year period.