Police users can now view & submit Intelligence Reports 07/18/2017

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Use Facewatch to reduce ASB in your Town Centre

Police users can now view & submit Intelligence Reports on Facewatch

Following successful use of Facewatch to reduce ASB in Birmingham City Centre, we were asked to allow Police users to view ASB incidents (which are not crimes so not normally viewable by Police) making Facewatch even more effective.

West Midlands Police have been leading the way with using Facewatch to form Op Engage groups to counter anti-social behavior in the city:

“Facewatch has proved useful in helping to audit the criminal activities and anti-social behavior of individuals who have subsequently been subject of successful court applications for civil interventions aimed at controlling their offending behavior” – West Midlands Police.

By reporting incidents of ASB and linking them together, West Midlands Police could see how certain individuals were constantly causing issues. Supported by robust Business Impact Assessments from local businesses, the Police could then easily obtain a Criminal Behavior Order to prevent those frequently causing problems from entering the area.

How it works

When creating a report, on behalf of premises within their constabulary, Police users can simply select one of the incident types under the “Non-crime Intel For Police” category, complete the report as normal and upon submission, the report will be submitted as intelligence rather than a Crime.

Additionally, Police users and Premises Managers will be able to retrospectively edit these incident reports to add additional information when they need to.

With Police users and businesses contributing intelligence in this way, more information will be shared on the Platform which will lead to more incidents being prevented. It also allows the Police to have a more active role with the Premises on the Platform and ensure safer, securer communities.

This functionality is available in our FWShare App on the iOS and Android App stores and is ideal for reporting while on the move from your mobile phone:

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