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Facewatch is giving businesses the power to fight back


When it comes to partners in crime prevention, Simon Gordon and Nick Fisher are two names to keep on the watch list. Real Business went to get some help with its enquiries.

Back in 1890, when Gordon’s Wine Bar was established, the national law enforcement infrastructure was still taking shape – rattles had not long been replaced by whistles, such were the technological crime-fighting advances of the time.

Roll the clock forward 120 years, and Simon Gordon, the owner of what is thought to be London’s oldest wine bar, was vexed by the growing incidence of low-level or “petty” crime faced by his customers, ...

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Facewatch has an eye on $1bn club with arresting way to fight crime


Oh, the irony. A year or so ago at a Conservative Party fundraiser, Simon Gordon saw the chance to lobby the then-Home Secretary Theresa May over the tech company he founded to help the police crack down on petty thieves.

But the future PM gave him short shrift. “I can’t talk now, my bag’s been stolen,” she fumed, wearing the flustered look he’d seen on dozens of similar victims in London’s landmark Gordon’s Wine Bar, which inspired him to set up Facewatch in the first place. The handbag eventually turned up in a bathroom, he recalls.

Simon Gordon is not your typical tech entrepreneur. He’s 60, he didn’...

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Facewatch ' digital detective' leads hunt for UK's £30million fuel thieves


Working in a new partnership with Forecourt Eye, Facewatch is planning to roll out its technology for the benefit of petrol retailers nationwide.

To read the full article from Risk UK Magazine please follow the below link

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Chairman Simon Gordon talks Gordons, his career and Facewatch with Economia magazine


Simon Gordon inherited London’s oldest wine bar, but has pinned his hopes and fortunes on a facial recognition security system called Facewatch. He talks to Nick Kochan about his twin careers

Owning and running a wine bar might appear an attractive business when the company pours out profits and is as established as Gordon’s, the legendary London establishment beside the River Thames near Embankment Tube station (clients include many PwC partners and staff, as the firm has a large office just around the corner).

But for Simon Gordon, one of six brothers, running the family business was not initally an at...

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PSI Magazine Column: October 2016


This month Simon Banks talks to Simon Gordon, Chairman of Facewatch and Owner of Gordon’s Wine Bar in Central London. Simon started Facewatch because he was frustrated that his customers were frequently the victims of petty crime.

Facewatch has been much acclaimed by the Police, can you explain what it is?

Facewatch is a fully mobile crime reporting platform, notably for the private sector. It is an intelligence sharing system that helps reduce crime in businesses by enabling them to be one step ahead of the criminally minded. The system allows you to safely share ‘watch lists’ and intelligence, as well ...

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Petrol Theft Scheme Alerts Forecourt Retailers To Potential Thieves


CCTV crime-busting network Facewatch has launched a new venture to target thieves who steal fuel from petrol forecourts.

The company, whose technology is already used in hundreds of retailers, bars and restaurants, has joined forces with forecourt security business Forecourt Eye to give a new weapon to petrol retailers.

The system includes a secure cloud-hosted automatic number plate recognition system, linked to CCTV cameras, which can identify suspect vehicles and send out automatic alerts to warn retailers of potential fuel theft threats.

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New partnership seeks to put brakes on forecourt crime


National crime-reporting platform Facewatch has partnered with payment recovery firm Forecourt Eye in a bid to crack down on record levels of theft from petrol forecourts.

To read the full article then please follow the link.

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Early guilty plea from CPS


The Crown Prosecution Service appeals for greater use of CCTV technology that ensures offenders face up to their crimes before adding huge costs to the criminal justice system.

It is 2016 and the world is going digital – so is the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and we need your help as police officers to move away from the old way of doing things. How many times have you heard of a case failing due to the DVD containing the CCTV not playing or being lost? Maybe you have even been one of those frustrated officers who has wasted hours waiting in court only to be told that the case has been adjourned or canc...

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Allevate’s Facial Recognition System integrates with Facewatch in Brazil


Allevate today announces the launch of its Face-Searcher service, enabling organisations, large or small, to utilise facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. Additionally, Facewatch, the secure online crime reporting system, announces immediate availability of an integrated Facewatch and Face-Searcher offering, launching initially in Brasil.

Facewatch enables organisations to report crimes online and submit moving and still CCTV images as evidence to the police, as well as share this imagery between businesses in related subscribed groups (in compliance with Data Protection guidelines) to reduce crime....

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Airbus Defence and Space collaborates with Facewatch to facilitate counteracting crime


New apps on the Tactilon Dabat radio support mission-critical communications within police and enterprises.

Due to the collaboration between Airbus Defence and Space and Facewatch Ltd, new applications helping to recognise suspects will run on the Tactilon Dabat radio from Airbus Defence and Space in order to convict culprits more easily.

The Tactilon Dabat is a complete Tetra handheld radio with camera and a rugged smartphone in one device. It allows secure communication in standard Tetra networks and in an LTE environment. To exploit the device in the best way, the Facewatch mobile solution will be ava...

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