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The FWComms app, is aimed at existing Facewatch Platform users only.

It is a secure professional alert and messaging system, aimed at businesses to share live information for the prevention and detection of crime.

iOS Messaging Send Receive Text

As a business member of Facewatch, the app enables you to send text messages that include still images, video and audio media content.

iO Alert Blank

FWComms enables users to send Alerts to all members of a group that contains the sender's current location, still images, video and audio media. The Alerts are also sent to the Facewatch Platform for in-store staff to see.


Users of the FWComms app can send SOS Alerts to all group members. The alert will inform the group that the sender requires immediate assistance; where the sender is currently located and the last 30 seconds of audio captured before the SOS message was sent.

iOS I am Safe

The sender of the SOS can then send an 'I am Safe' message to notify the group that they are OK and no longer require assistance.

iOS Missed

Missed Alerts, SOS and I am Safe messages can be viewed in the Missed screen and reviewed at the convenience of the receiver. Users can set a Default Group to send messages, Alerts, SOS and I am Safe messages to members of that group by default.

iOS Push Notifications

Push Notifications are sent to all members of the group when a new message, Alert, SOS or I am Safe message is sent to the group.

iOS DND Change

FWComms app users can set 'quiet time' using the Do not Disturb functionality to ensure that they are not disturbed by Push Notifications from the app when they are not on duty.

Download the FWComms mobile app via the AppStore.

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