The full power of Facewatch is realised when businesses share information and images to prevent and detect crime. It is now generally accepted that to share Nationally as well as Locally gives the best of all worlds as explained below:

National Hubs

Through the creation of industry sector Hubs (eg Retail, Banking, Betting, Leisure), the private sector and the police are better able to make the link between local and national crime. Using facial matching, forensic analysis and mapping software all of which are available on the Facewatch platform, the true extent of organised crime across Companies and between Constabularies can be ascertained.

Local Groups and Partnerships

Local Groups enable businesses within a geographical area or sector to share images of local offenders and to collaborate online to reduce crime whilst at the same time being part of the national Facewatch crime reporting system.

The advantages of local groups are that they enable businesses and police to work together either, for example, through a local administrator or a shared security provider funded by businesses, for the benefit of the local community.

For professional, locally administered groups such as Business Crime Reduction Partnerships or Business Improvement Districts, administrators can send out Alerts, match prolific offenders and enable the instant sharing of intelligence using Facewatch in order to reduce crime in their area.


How do I join?

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