What is Facewatch?

Facewatch is a secure online crime reporting and networking environment.

Facewatch enables businesses, public and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within groups for the prevention of crime and by submitting digital evidence files to the police to help solve crimes.

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Is Facewatch For Me?

Facewatch enables your business to report incidents quickly and share information with other businesses in your local community and with your local police.

Anyone can become a victim of crime therefore everyone benefits from a system that helps make communities safer and protects business profits.

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First arrest in Hereford following Facewatch launch

The first arrest in Hereford was made this week due to information provided by the Facewatch system. The online portal allows communities and businesses across the Warwickshire and West Mercia Police areas to share information about possible troublemakers and low-level criminals. It was launched this week for Hereford and Malvern. Information can...


Facewatch launch Hereford and Malvern

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are pleased to support the launch of Facewatch; an innovative means of protecting the public from harm and ensuring that Hereford and Malvern town centres remain safe places to be. Chief Inspector of the Hereford Safer Neighbourhood Team, Nick Semper, has already done much to make Hereford a safer place both b...


Catching criminals with new technology - there's an App for that

There's been another great article within West Midlands PCC business update, explaining the benefits of Facewatch and how it's helping the police to tackle crime in the area. You can read the full article below, or see more of the newsletter by following this link: ow.ly/NyiI6 The latest Facewatch App is a far cry from the 'Wanted' posters of old. Im...



“Excellent technology for fighting crime, reducing bureaucracy and saving time.”

Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, Metropolitan Police Service


“We were greatly impressed with how Facewatch achieves the capture and provision of CCTV evidence to the police. It is apparent how this has had an impact on the prevention of crime and has great potential in further tackling offending. Facewatch really involves harnessing the technology's potential, for the benefit of the victims of crime, and for the effective investigation and prosecution of offences on their behalf.”

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS London


“I am hugely impressed. Facewatch is hardly rocket science: it’s basically a web-based crime report form. Yet it’s so clever it represents a big advance in policing, in recruiting public involvement, and in crime deterrence, detection and prevention.”

Nick Ross, Crimewatch and Jill Dando Institute


Facewatch enables you to report crimes online, with moving and still CCTV images, directly to the police in a format that is approved and actionable by the receiving force.

Facewatch is now available through selected Monitoring Stations. Simply call your chosen provider who will report the crime, with all available CCTV evidence, to the police and you will be kept fully informed through the system. This service saves your staff time, enabling them to concentrate on your customers.

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Facewatch can be used by local and Corporate Groups to reduce crime through effective collaboration. Locally administered groups such as Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts can use Facewatch to share images and intelligence instantly.

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Facewatch is an on-line crime-reporting tool that saves police time and effort in collecting evidence.

Facewatch enables you to access low-level crime reports instantly from businesses in your force area. You can view the CCTV evidence online, print MG11 witness statements and collaborate online with members of the business community to reduce crime and the impact of crime.

Facewatch empowers businesses to prevent crime by the efficient sharing of images and information.

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